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ABATE of Florida, Inc. is a state-wide non-profit organization of motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life. We promote motorcycle safety awareness, encourage continuing rider training and political awareness. We fund our work through motorcycle related activities. We are your neighbors and friends, who work, pay taxes, serve our country and vote. We believe in freedom. We use all legal means to protect our rights without infringing on the rights of others.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. acknowledges the growth of motorcyclist of all ages riding in the State of Florida whether it is for economic reasons or pleasure. We are dedicated to teach our Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program in our efforts to reduce injuries and fatalities in our beautiful State of Florida. Our program is a 45 minute presentation including two videos to help everyone driving on Florida’s roads become more aware of motorcyclists. Sharing the road with respect and knowledge is just one of many focuses we have pertaining to Motorcycle Safety.

Please look at ABATE FL under Cycle Safety to see our continuing efforts on promoting Motorcycle Safety and Awareness.

If you are planning on visiting or live in our beautiful State of Florida whether you choose to ride or drive here are some facts to keep in mind:

* Obey all traffic laws, signs & signals 
* Constantly check and expect to see motorcycles 
* Motorcycles are smaller than cars or trucks and it can be more difficult to judge their approaching speed 
* Look, look, & look again at traffic intersections before you turn or pull out 
* Allow a three second “Space Cushion” when following a motorcycle 
* There are 7 to 9 blind spots in an average vehicle 
* Give Motorcycles the same respect and courtesy that you want for yourself and other motorists

For Laws pertaining to riding a motorcycle in the State of Florida please visit or in Spanish.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. goal is 0 injuries and 0 fatalities for the State of Florida.



ABATE of Florida, Inc. does not condone drinking and driving.

Donations to ABATE of Florida, Inc. are not deductible for
Federal Income Tax Purpose.

A copy of the Official Registration and Financial Information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free within the State. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, nor recommendation by the State. 
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